christmas baking fail & cheer

After my epic rolo pretzel thing (is there a name for those? And do NOT replace caramel kisses for rolos!) fail, I had to make some sort of holiday treat. So while at my local Trader Joe’s I happened to find a small pile of Candy Cane Jo Jo’s. Have you ever had these? Pure candy cane heaven in a box. I had had the idea early in the holiday season to make Candy Cane Jo Jo truffles. Of course when I wanted to make them my Trader Joes was out, so I lost all hope and opted for the pretzel things, which I will not get into, but may cry about. On Saturday, I found the small pile and had to buy 4 boxes (this does not include the two boxes that were enjoyed with milk weeks earlier). So score I was out to make my Candy Cane Jo Jo truffles!

I used 1 + 1/3 boxes of Candy Cane Jo Jos, 1 block of cream cheese softened, 1 box of baker chocolate and some semi sweet chocolate chips, 5 peppermint candy canes crushed.

Mash up Jo Jos, I like to use a pastry blender, add in cream cheese, mash in with pastry blender or if you like to get dirty, use your hands. After well mashed, roll into 1 inch balls, place covered in fridge for at least an hour (I tend to do over night). They are much easier to dip when chilled. I put the candy canes into a zip lock and took my meat tenderizer to it, which felt so wrong, they were sweet, innocent candy canes… I melted the chocolate per the directions (I used the microwave method, less to wash). Use a spoon or fork to dip, place on parchment to let set, sprinkle with crushed candy canes.

Enjoy with milk!

I tend to like my cake/jojo truffles on the drier side, you can adjust cookie to cream cheese ratio to your liking.


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