i always like to make gifts for christmas. sometimes it’s a painted ornament, photos or some other craft i come up with. this year my over all theme (yes i do that) was baking/cooking stuff, so i was thinking of putting together some cookie mixes or making macarons or pies in jars. truth be told i just got married in early november, i was mentally exhausted and needed a quick but awesome homemade gift, so i dug through the internet and came up with vanilla extract. awesome, impressive and super easy.

ordered bottles here. (went with the 5 oz.)
ordered vanilla beans here. (went with the bourbon ones)
had a giant bottle of vodka from a party. (it was sky, don’t think it matters though)
made labels.
added washi tape. (left over from the wedding)

poured about 2/3rds cup vodka in and added to vanilla beans, i cut them down to fit, and put on the cap, from my research most recipes called for 1 bean per 1/3rd cup. let sit in cool dark place and ready to use in 6 weeks.

ended up with:
i paired these with some measuring spoons and a cookie cutter. or if i was doing a larger gift i added in a cookbook, for some friends i got signed copies of this! for the fam i wanted to make a recipe book with our  family recipes. at first i was thinking of doing them through blurb. but i only had about 40 recipes typed up and only about 15 pictures. that would seem like a very short and boring cookbook. but then i stumbled across tastebook. awesome! i could do 20 recipes, add more, and oh man, this is the kicker… it lays flat. that is my biggest issue with cookbooks, now that i have a cookbook stand, it helps but i end up using a bag clip to keep it open. the fam absolutely LOVED the books. i look forward to adding every year to it and finding new recipes that our family loves.

any suggestions for future foodie gifts?



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