i wanna wednesday

i wanna eat at graham elliot! i first saw graham elliot on top chef masters, and noticed he had a chicago restaurant. sweet so going to check it out.

but so far it hasn’t been in the stars, i have been there twice, once to find it closed and the other to look at the menu and the group i was with didn’t want to spend that much money on food they didn’t understand. so we ended up at cafe iberico. but one day i would so love to eat there. i need to start saving my pennies though…

images from graham elliot website

BUT… when i was on the website today to get the correct address, i saw this. so now i totally wan to eat there. way more affordable and i don’t think i’ll feel like i stick out like a sore thumb in  jeans and a tee.

anyone try any of graham elliot’s places? thoughts? suggestions??

and i think i need the g’wich popcorn and vanilla bean ice cream like now! oh and an orange ginger soda too! i think this list will get longer if i keep looking at the menu.


i wanna wednesday

i wanna eat at jam, i keep hearing about it and seeing peoples pictures on fb and it looks and sounds amazing! i drool over a perfectly cooked egg, i’ve always over cooked my eggs not on purpose i just didn’t know any better. everything from the interior, plates and logo look to be designed with care and detail of a master.

images from jam website

for now i will just drool over these pictures and vow to make it there soon. any recommendations on what to order? or the best time to go?

i’m not the only one

mr. foodie made and smoked sausage


all thanks to our new kitchen aid and attachments and having to store my moms smoker in our garage. he made andouille. we cooked some of the meat that was left over and added it to the broccoli cheese soup i made for dinner and it added an awesome heat to the soup. i have been making a lot of soup, sauces and smoothies lately and i will explain that one later. 🙂

he’s got big plans for this sausage… gumbo…

yes he will be making gumbo, we have actually made it before at a cajun chopping block class we took a few years ago. he loved that class as much as he will never admit it. We learned how to make a roux, all the spices to use, and even made crab cakes (which i tried and didn’t like, see intro post) and po boy blacken chicken sandwiches. it was a delicious and flavorful meal and so much fun to learn new foodie stuff.

i wish i could make it to heaven on seven for lunch…. ever been?? ever tried the peanut butter pie?