i wanna wednesday

i wanna eat at graham elliot! i first saw graham elliot on top chef masters, and noticed he had a chicago restaurant. sweet so going to check it out.

but so far it hasn’t been in the stars, i have been there twice, once to find it closed and the other to look at the menu and the group i was with didn’t want to spend that much money on food they didn’t understand. so we ended up at cafe iberico. but one day i would so love to eat there. i need to start saving my pennies though…

images from graham elliot website

BUT… when i was on the website today to get the correct address, i saw this. so now i totally wan to eat there. way more affordable and i don’t think i’ll feel like i stick out like a sore thumb in  jeans and a tee.

anyone try any of graham elliot’s places? thoughts? suggestions??

and i think i need the g’wich popcorn and vanilla bean ice cream like now! oh and an orange ginger soda too! i think this list will get longer if i keep looking at the menu.


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