juicy-o: i had a groupon

one way i like to try restaurants is using groupon/you swoop/amazon deals. i’m on a budget and eating out is not cheap. so these deals give me the push i need to try out these restaurants i may never try otherwise. so when i saw the juicy-o groupon up i purchased it right away. it’s been in the burbs for awhile, just opening a new location pretty close to my home.

i apologize for the bad cell phone pictures, i’m not used to hauling my camera around yet, i have to build my confidence on that. their menu is pretty large, offering classic breakfast and lunch items. um and hello they bring you fresh made doughnuts right away. they have one of those awesome little doughnut makers just plugging away.  i always have a tough time passing up breakfast so i went with pops breakfast. 2 eggs over, on crispy european toast, fresh basil sauce, bacon & jimmy’s potatoes. also with a name like juicy-o they make their own juice. the orange was something i wish i could have pumped into my house, and i also tried the cranberry, which was also awesome.

over all it was good, the eggs were cooked well, the bacon was crispy, and the potatoes were tasty. i would have preferred more of the basil sauce over the eggs then the eggs cooked in it. but over all i think this is a place i would go to again to try some other menu items.

the decor consisted of all these sarcastic and jokey posters covering the walls, wide open spaces and lots of friendly staff.

if hungry for lunch or breakfast and nearby, i suggest giving it a try.


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