we’re joining a csa

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i have been married for 3 months now, and there have been lots of conversations about our future. kids. our home. money. etc. something i’ve been thinking about is our health and how we eat. i think over all we’re pretty average, we eat out a few nights a week and i cook the rest. i like to cook fresh all from scratch but sometimes it just has to be something frozen i throw fresh veggies or meat into to.  i would ultimately like to move away from eating processed meals (i’m saying meals and not foods, sorry there are just some processed foods i do like, this is moving away from the meals being entirely processed). i’m not going to tell you we’re not going to eat process anything because we will, sorry but it happens. i am just a normal average, slightly nerdy human who is from chicago and will never give up hot dogs.

a few things first, i like to eat, i like to try new things, i like to cook and i like to cook new things. so i am trying to view this as a challenge taking me outside of my comfort zone. i also love sugar… some food bloggers are taking this healthy eating to the extreme, but really i want to enjoy my food and find the best ways to have a good and healthy balance. one of my biggest concerns is the cost of this healthy eating, my husband and i make a decent and comfortable living, but in no way could i afford to do all my shopping at whole foods. i do have a weekly budget of what we spend of food, it’s sometime a looser or tighter budget. but i try to stay around it.

some of the food bloggers i follow always talk about buying local and csa. i never really thought to look more into this, i mean i live in the suburbs of chicago, what can i get beside corn and soybeans? i decided we need to start researching more and just commit.  hence my csa search began. in the summers i would always try and get to the farmers markets and get fruits and veggies (often causing me to go over budget, but i felt it was worth it). so i started looking up farms i knew were at my local farmers markets. that really didn’t lead me anywhere. so i googled csa in il, and there was a ton of information out there, how had i not known any of this. there are farm fresh veggies and fruits available straight through local farmers… um WHAT??? you can pick up, get it delivered, even with some choose which veggies you want. also you can get meat and eggs. after reading and reading and reading most of the information. i narrowed our choices down to two places, triple a farms and genesis growers. emails filled with questions went out right away to their contacts. in no way am i endorsing either one, this is just my own personal experience.

after tallying up the pros and cons we decided to go with genesis growners. Vicki (the farmer) even put me in touch of someone actively involved in their csa program, so i got some insider info which was a big help. no one i know has ever done this before. we decided on a medium share being shared between us and my mom. genesis offers a grow chart of what’s in season and when, so we kind of know what to expect, also we get a weekly email about what’s going on at the farm and about the crops we will see in our box. with this csa we do get some fruits, not local but from still from partnered regional farms. all in all this seems to us like a good idea, we’re supporting local farms, we’re getting fresh off the vine/stalk/whatever veggies (mostly organic), i think the price is reasonable and there is a pick up point on my way home from work.

this is a new journey and experience for us. i hope you follow along. anyone else thinking of doing csa or have done or currently doing one? any advice? i can’t wait to get our first box!


2 thoughts on “we’re joining a csa

  1. Good luck with your CSA. I hope you enjoy it. Realize that you will get some things that you don’t like and think about them as a challenge – how to fix them so you will. Know that at times you’ll have a deluge of something like okra. Learn to make good veggie stock with all the peelings and odds and ends and have fun!

    • Thanks Tammy! i purchased a cookbook which i’m planning a post on, it does recipes by ingredient and shows you different ways of storing and using the veggies too. it was written by a farmer who does CSA’s. So i’m finding it very informative. also, i’m lucky my mom is in on the deal because she loves all veggies. I totally agree with this being a challenge and am looking forward to trying new things (and pushing off the stuff i don’t like on my mom, just don’t tell her that 🙂 moms are the best!)

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