sweet saturday: my bad

i love bakerella, not just for the cake pop craze but she has some real good looking sweets. and many of them are on my must make list. so when i wanted to make cupcakes i went right to bakerella’s Bourbon Sweet Potato Cupcakes. I have had them before and they were to die for so i dove right in.

here comes the my bad part: i made a few mistakes pretty much ruining these cupcakes. the first being me not wanting to waste the sweet potatoes and used more like 2 cups instead of the 1 the recipe called for, next i bought cheap bourbon… stupid stupid stupid…i really should have splurged and bought the good stuff. Lastly i was lazy and mixed the glaze and glaze frosting concoction… once again stupid, stupid, stupid.

one thing i did right was the candied pecans, i didn’t feel like dragging the deep fryer out, so i found a recipe that baked the pecans. i once again didn’t completely follow the recipe, i sort of threw all the ingredients in a bowl, mixed and baked. result was heaven, i could have eaten my weight plus my husbands weight in the pecans. my house smelled so wonderful for the next few hours, i wish that never ended.

lesson learned, when bakerella tells you how to make something… make it her way and don’t try to change it, she knows what she’s talking about. my cupcakes were a chewy weird consistency, the glaze was eh, it would have been much better with better bourbon. now i know better.


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