may i recommend…


image from wilde’s website

seriously you should go. this place is just plain awesome, super awesome in fact. my brother stumbled upon this place, and then declared we must go back for sticky toffee pudding, which is a date cake of sorts with caramelized sugar-butter on top. i like it and have made it before and it was good, theirs however is better then i could ever, ever imagine. like pure bliss on a plate.. i think i need some right now only if they had a location in the burbs. actually it’s probably better that there’s not. mmm sticky toffee pudding, it’s even fun to say…

the place is warm, cozy, welcoming. friendly, fun staff. just a cool place to hang out at, even if it’s not in the book nook by the fireplace.

if, you know, you actually want dinner too i can recommend the artichoke cheddar dip, wedge salad (with whiskey glazed bacon, pretty close to bacon candy), wilde mac & cheese (i would call this adult mac & cheese, tomatoes, onion and bacon included), chicken pot pie, meatloaf, the ruban, and even the fish & chips (i don’t eat the fish part, others have ordered it,  but they have malt vinegar to douse the chips in, and anywhere i can put a half bottle of malt vinegar on my fries is a winner in my book). i’m hungry….

bonus points: the sticky toffee pudding, there is brunch, there is gluten-free options, there is gluten-free brunch, there is a late-nite menu, they offer pretzel buns, decent beer & wine selection, and did i mention the sticky toffee pudding?


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