our first dinner with the csa veggies

we recieved our first box last thursday, it was filled with boc choi, cilantro, celeriac, dried cayenne peppers, apples, asparagus, oats and gold beets. of course i was too excited to go through it that i forgot to take a picture. and also we are sharing our share with my mom, so when we divided things up, she took the beets and i got the boc choi.

and this is what i did with it:

modified from this recipe. i used vegetable broth instead, also added a 1/4 cup of veggie broth to marinade along with some white rice vinegar, and used 1/2 the cornstarch, doubled the garlic and it tasted pretty damn good to me.

i am not an oatmeal person, i’ve tried, i feel like i’m eating chunky paste, i just can’t do it, so i made these. wasn’t quite sure how they’d turn out since i wasn’t using quick oats. so i cut the oats to 1 cup, which i regret, i should have still used the full two, i kind of liked the crunchy and chewy together.

i was totally puzzled when i saw the celeriac… i have some vitamix plans for it though.

and yes-i got a new phone, it takes much better pictures but you have to endure me experimenting with instagram and camera+, any one recommend any other iphone camera apps?


4 thoughts on “our first dinner with the csa veggies

  1. the soup has leeks, a potato and almonds, should be interesting. i had an android phone so i wasn’t able to use instagram until now, i think i actually like camera+ better, but still playing around with both of them.

    • saw pancetta and i am sold!! i will definitely link up on my next box, which isn’t for another week! but can’t wait!

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