csa asparagus

as mentioned before we got aspargus in our last csa box. my favorite way to eat aspargus is wrapped in prosciutto with lemon and basil and then grilled. probably not the healthiest way to eat it, but that was not the question. i tend to just throw asparagus into things like stir fry, frittas, pasta etc.

here is one the super easy, super fast ways to make asparagus pasta:

cook pasta according to directions, for the last 2-3 min of the pasta cooking throw the chopped up asparagus in the pot with the pasta. once those 2-3 min is up, drain the pasta and asparagus, in the same pot i added a lug of olive oil and squeezed in a whole lemon, then added some frozen basil (fresh works best, but it was all i had, and i think the frozen tastes better then dried, ok that should be a post all on it’s own.) after that i threw the pasta and aspargus back in the pot added salt and pepper to my liking, then the best part i added the parmesean cheese, about a quarter cup mixed in to get slightly melty, i’m sure that’s a legit culinary term… then plated and added more parm of course.

i did use whole wheat pasta. we don’t mind it, so for an everyday dinner i go with it, if i was making pasta for company,  or people i’d need to impress, i’d go to standard market and get the fresh made stuff. i hope to one day to venture into the pasta making world, but i haven’t gotten those attachments for my kitchen aid just yet…


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