i had a groupon: cakebombs

when a groupon for bleeding heart bakery popped up on my phone i totally jumped on it right away. i love bleeding hearts whoopie pies, barks and cupcakes. i didn’t even look at what it was for i figured i’d love it. yeah….. no. with the groupon you got a dozen cake bombs- 4 hazelnut, 4 double chocolate and 4 chocolate cherry. and had to order 48 hours in advance. ok.. cool ordered them for my birthday calorie splurge.

picked them up at the oak park location (which is closing in may i just found out). tried one out that night, the hazelnut… it was super sweet, could barely taste the hazelnut and they had liquor in them. tried a chocolate one the next day. just was not a fan, thought they were unexciting and not worth all the trouble it took to get them. they were on the large size like 4-5 bites and all the topping fell off as you were eating them. i was just plain disappointed, ended up leaving them out at a party for others to eat up. i still would go back for a veruca salt cupcake or peanut butter chocolate whoopie pie any day but won’t be getting the cake bomb bombs again.


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