swiss chard and other csa things

i knew going into this whole csa thing, it would make us try vegetables we’ve never even  seen or heard of before. i decided early on to take this on as a challenge and hope for no fails. i have seen swiss chard at the market i buy produce at, i’ve seen people use it on cooking shows and i have seen it on menus, but i have never actually ate or cooked with it. so here goes nothing:

i made 2 dinners this week with swiss chard.

a veggie frittata

started by caramelizing onions, once a light brown color i added red peppers and zucchini, sauteed for a few minutes, then added the swiss chard to cook down a bit, only for a minute or so, then added the eggs (used a box of egg whites and 3 full eggs) and some fresh parm to the top, cooked until the eggs were pretty solid on the bottom and sides and then stuck it in the 400 degree oven for 15 minutes, served with whole wheat toast and was fantastic, i like the swiss chard how ever the onions were the total star of this dinner. (yes that is apple crumble in the corner, i will get to that… eventually)

crock pot bbq pulled chicken, with sauteed greens and corn bread muffins

this was that crock pot chicken with coke, i know not a healthy choice but i had a taste for it, so i made it, it is super simple and tastes awesome. i took a lb of chicken (breasts only) along with a bottle of bbq sauce (i used trader joes kansas style, i know i should make my own… i will get there… eventually) and a can of coke. throw it all in the crock pot 4 hours on high or all day on low, shred and serve. I usually serve this on whole wheat buns, but thought with the corn bread this would have too much carbs. i know those scary carbs….right?

speaking of the corn bread, i know, it looks weird, i used the white corn meal, and forgot to use baking powder, tasted good, but the texture was off. it wasn’t as sweet as cornbread i have had before, i did use a recipe that called for white corn meal, and it had an option to make it sweeter, i think i will do that next time. the greens- that is actually the swiss chard and tatsoi we got in our box this week. i thinly sliced 3 cloves of garlic, lightly browned them in a some garlic olive oil (did i mention we love garlic?) threw in the greens, cooked them down and added some fresh squeezed lemon. salt and pepper….. and some fresh parm too… mmmm parm…


3 thoughts on “swiss chard and other csa things

    • I think boiling or slow cooking in liquid lends it self to softer chicken, but i haven’t thought of it being too soft, i have over shredded chicken to the point of mush, that was pretty gross. maybe try frozen chicken, i know that sounds kind of odd but it comes out with a firmer texture. Just make sure it’s on low 8-10 hours, too make sure to get rid of any cross contamination.

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