no fat pants

i was browsing through a new cookbook*. and came across a recipe called no fat pants nachos.

how can that title not make you stop in your tracks. it’s a lightened up nacho recipe using  lots of veggies, “healthier” tortilla chips and refried beans, changing up the calories from regular nachos with over 800 calories, to 250 calories per serving… side note: these have no cheese, how can you have nachos with no cheese? but that’s off topic.

I thought how can i take these same ingredients and turn it into a dinner (tortilla chips are a weakness of mine i can’t eat just the serving amount, so those had to go.) This is what i came up with, and it even turned out super awesome and even pretty:

no fat pants tostadas


refried black beans (i used trader joes with jalapenos)

soy chorizo** (trader joes)


green pepper



green onion

shredded cheese (a tiny bit)

cilantro (from our csa box)

first, i heated up the chorizo on the stove, i took a tostada and put about 2 tbs of the black beans and smeared it on top, added a teaspoon of the cheese and placed another tostada on top (yes, like a mexican pizza) stuck that in the microwave for 30 seconds. added 1/4-1/2 of the chorizo to the top, then piled on green pepper, tomatoes, green onion, salsa, avocado, topped it off with some cilantro and another tsp of cheese. It was good, actually it was way better then good. i just can’t think of anther word, i’m too busy wanting to eat more of that tostada… i would like to try a similar recipe only with roasted veggies on top. i guess we have to see what will come in the next csa boxes that we can experiment with.

* i own 3 of trader joes cookbooks, skinny dish, the i heart trader joes one and dinners done one. i love trader joes, and it helps that i have one within walking distance to my house. i know not everyone is as spoiled as i am. you can substitute any of the ingredients with ones you think will work best.

** i am not a vegetarian, i just like this stuff…

if you own the skinny dish book, you MUST make the strawberry lemon tart! too good to be true. and if you don’t have any of the cookbooks check this out.


happy paczki day!

i am half polish therefore i know all about paczki and i sadly know about how many calories are in one…. but these are for our pittie:
yes doggy paczki, strawberry-banana, sweet potato and peanut butter, from the happy dog barkery! she of course went nuts over them!

for good measure. here is a human one too:

where are the best paczki?

i’m not the only one

mr. foodie made and smoked sausage


all thanks to our new kitchen aid and attachments and having to store my moms smoker in our garage. he made andouille. we cooked some of the meat that was left over and added it to the broccoli cheese soup i made for dinner and it added an awesome heat to the soup. i have been making a lot of soup, sauces and smoothies lately and i will explain that one later. 🙂

he’s got big plans for this sausage… gumbo…

yes he will be making gumbo, we have actually made it before at a cajun chopping block class we took a few years ago. he loved that class as much as he will never admit it. We learned how to make a roux, all the spices to use, and even made crab cakes (which i tried and didn’t like, see intro post) and po boy blacken chicken sandwiches. it was a delicious and flavorful meal and so much fun to learn new foodie stuff.

i wish i could make it to heaven on seven for lunch…. ever been?? ever tried the peanut butter pie?